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Clinical Hypnotherapist


Angela is the founder of Resource Therapy located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is the leading hypnotherapist and mindset coach in the Twin Cities Area. 

She specializes in helping clients struggling with depression, anxiety and low self esteem.

My Philosophy


My practice philosophy stems from my own experience. For years I struggled with depression and low self - esteem. I went on a journey of education & self discovery which lead me to Hypnosis & Therapeutic Behavioral Coaching. 

 I have helped thousands of clients silent their inner critical mind monster while building lasting confidence and finally accepting they are worthy. 

I give my clients a safe and trustworthy space to express their thoughts and feelings. I only accept clients that are willing to work for the change that they desire. 

I believe that the most productive therapeutic environment begins with mutual trust and respect.  

My goal is to aide my clients in the communication between their conscious mind and their unconscious mind allowing them to accept who they truly are. 

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