3 Things You Can Do Today To Become Better In Bed

Be Comfortable with Giving and Receiving

The bedroom requires a balance of sorts. A good lover knows how to give pleasure and receive it.

As women, many of us were taught to be shameful about our sexuality. That enjoying sex and wanting pleasure is wrong on some level. So when it comes to receiving we can feel anxiety or feel out of place when it's our turn to receive.

It is important that we all become comfortable with receiving pleasure from our partner. We can do this by consciously telling ourselves that we deserve to be happy and by giving ourselves permission to be in moment and being the center of attention.

Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning of All Wisdom

Do you know what turns you on? Do you know the spots on your body that make you go crazy? Is there a fantasy that you would love to play out? Spend some time reflecting on what turns you on. Begin a journey of sexual reflection and learn to know and love your body. The best lovers know how to change things up and go faster or slower depending on what gives them pleasure.

Pay Attention To Your Partners Body

Our bodies speak more than our words do at times. Pay attention to how your partner responds when you touch their body. Watch for goosebumps, holding their breath, stretching out or curling their toes. These are just a few movements that our partners can communicate to us during sex. If this is something you have never paid attention to, it might help you to try this experiment.

The first thing is to take sex off the table. This experiment is simply an exploration of each other's bodies. To learn and notice how your partner likes to be touched. (You can do this with clothe's on or off.) Choose who wants to go first and begin exploring different types of touching. Watch how they respond to soft touches or hard touches. You can add objects like feathers or even hot or cold items to arouse different sensations. You can massage and touch all over but

the important thing for you to remember is that this is all about paying attention to their response.

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