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If you're looking for an easy way to get your workbook project off the ground, this done-for-you workbook with content included is the perfect solution. On Etsy you will find ton's of templates with filler pages. This workbook has real content already done for you.

Not only does it save you time and effort, but it also has everything you need to get started. It includes professional-grade templates, a range of subject matter by a certified hypnotherapist, and high-quality content that will make your project stand out. Plus, it's easy to use and customize, so you can be sure you'll get the results you want. Get your workbook project done quickly and efficiently with this done-for-you workbook with content included!

✨What's Included: ✨
4 Cover Pages
Welcome Letter (Real Content not just filler)
Introduction Page
Intro to Mindfulness (Real Content not just filler)
3 Mindfulness Techniques (Real Content not just filler)
Morning Habits Page (Real Content not just filler)
Tips for Morning Rituals (Real Content not just filler)
Morning Meditation (Real Content not just filler)
Benefits of Scheduling Mindfulness (Real Content not just filler)
3 Minute Breath Technique (Real Content not just filler)
5 Senses Technique (Real Content not just filler)
Mindful Mantras (Real Content not just filler)
How to start Journaling (Real Content not just filler)
Benefits of Journaling (Real Content not just filler)
Tips for Journaling (Real Content not just filler)
Morning Journal Page
Daily Gratitude Page
Future Self Journal Page
Gratitude Journal
Manifest Cover Page
Manifest Quiz
Vision Board
Manifest Question
Mindfulness & Self Love Page (Real Content not just filler)
Self-Awareness Assessment
Self- Care Quiz
Daily Self Love Check
Freedom Question
5 Day Love yourself Challenge
30-day Self-Care Challenge
Shift Your Mind Page (Real Content not just filler)
Ways To Reduce Anxiety Page (Real Content not just filler)
7 Day Mindfulness Challenge (Real Content not just filler)
Grounding Technique (Real Content not just filler)
Negative Thought Shift Worksheet
Conquer The Overwhelm Worksheet
2 Relaxation Mandala Sheets
Wellness Cover Page
Healing Waters Page (Real Content not just filler)
Healing Music Page (Real Content not just filler)
Comfort With Touch Page (Real Content not just filler)
Benefits of Yoga Page (Real Content not just filler)
Monthly Yoga Challenge
Benefits of Hypnosis Page (Real Content not just filler)
Habit Tracker Page
5 Day Wellness Challenge
Declutter Cover Page
30 Day Declutter Challenge
Cleaning Check List
Organize Cover Page
2 Organize Your Workspace (Real Content not just filler)
Affirmations Cover Page
Creating Powerful Affirmations (Real Content not just filler)
What You Want Worksheet
Affirmations Worksheet
2 Powerful Quotes Pages
Conclusion Page (Real Content not just filler)
Call To Action Page
Services Offered Page
Meet Our Team Page

✨✨✨✨ About Angela ✨✨✨

Angela Ernst is an experienced hypnotherapist and therapeutic coach who has dedicated her life to helping others live their best lives. She has an extensive history of helping individuals overcome their challenges and strive for success. Her ability to provide solace and comfort to her clients has drawn admiration from her peers.

In addition to her work as a hypnotherapist and therapeutic coach, Angela has recently begun providing templates for other coaches to utilize. These templates provide a great starting point for coaches to begin their own practice with the assurance that they can provide quality service to their clients.

Angela is passionate about her work and loves being able to help others through her work. She believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their best life and she strives to make that a reality. She is constantly looking for ways to further her own knowledge and experience to better serve her clients.

Create your own roadmap to success with our goal setting and vision board worksheet! Whether you're aiming to reach a personal or professional milestone, this worksheet is the perfect way to get started. Organize your thoughts and come up with achievable goals – all for just a dollar! Get started now and see where your dreams can take you.

✨ This is perfect for wellness coaches, life coaches, fitness coaches, spiritual coaches, hypnotists, bloggers and small business.
✨ Easily create the workbooks, E-books for your coaching clients, or to complement your online courses, memberships or programs
✨ You can also use a pieces of this workbook as giveaway or opt-in freebie to increase your subscribers, followers, and email list. it's the perfect lead magnet.
✨ Only you need to do is rebrand it as your own - add your logo, email, social media, text, photos
✨ 100% editable - change and edit to your liking
✨ All you need is a free Canva account




In simple terms,
✅ You CAN sell or share as an un-editable finished product or file - such as a PDF, JPG or printed document.
❌ You CANNOT sell or share the Canva links or the editable templates for personal or professional use

More information:

You can:

- Add Your Branding
- Use In Commercial Projects
- Can Edit/Change the Files in Any Way You Want
- Use in Membership Sites
- Create Any Other Type of Product for Commercial Use in an End Product but must be un-editable (You Can Create a PDF File, E-book, Planner, Journal, Etc.)

You may not:

- Resell Any of These Items As Individual Files on Etsy, Personal or Business Websites or Social Media Sites Etc.
- May not Pass It On, Sell or Give Away These with Commercial Use or Resell Rights


Editable Mindfulness Workbook for Coaches & Hypnotist

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