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Save time and increase revenue with our customizable templates.

Everything you need to launch your coaching or hypnosis business without struggling with photoshop or a designer!

Are you looking for a way to streamline your coaching process, save time and money, and deliver amazing results to your clients?


If so, you’re in the right place. We’ve created a collection of coaching resources that will help you take your coaching business to the next level.


With our coaching resources, you will: - Get access to ready-made coaching templates that cover every aspect of your coaching practice, from intake forms to worksheets & workbooks.


- All you need is a Free Canva account to use the templates effectively and customize them to your brand and style.


- Boost your credibility and professionalism with high-quality and consistent coaching materials.


- Increase your client satisfaction and retention with clear and measurable coaching outcomes. - Grow your coaching income and impact with more referrals and testimonials.

Welcome Packet (50+Pages)

Social Media Posts (75+)

Coaching Worksheets 50+pages 

Everything you need to look professional while welcoming aboard your new clients.
Attract more clients with these amazing social media posts.
Help your clients reach their goals and grow their confidence with worksheets you can do within any program or on their own. 

5 Content Filled Workbooks (60+Pages)

5 fully done workbooks filled with powerful content to help your clients improve overall wellness & reach their goals.
Coaching Templates

The Easiest Way To Expand Your  Coaching Practice Without Hiring A Designer.

This is perfect for you whether you're a coach, hypnotist or wellness practitioner and you want to create digital or printable worksheets, workbooks, programs, classes and more. 


Save Money & Time and Purchase Now


Simply Click the Link to The Project Your Ready to Start in Canva


Add Your Own Logo & Photos And Colors

What 's  Included?

The Ultimate Coaching Resource Template Package

Our templates feature eye-catching graphics and layouts that are sure to grab your readers' attention. Plus, our templates are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor your products to your brand and your audience's interests.

Content Filled Workbooks

Mindfulness Workbook

5 Workbooks

Bio Link

Maximize the impact of your social media clicks by using this alternative to Link Tree.

Bio Link Template

Check out these 5 fantastic workbooks that are pre-filled with valuable content, worth $500! They're ready to use right away and can save you a lot of time and effort.

Self-Love Worksheets for Coaches

Self-Love Worksheets

Carefully crafted exercises will guide your client through the process of discovering their strengths, passions, and goals.

Lead Magnets

Are you looking to attract new clients? Try our lead magnets! These irresistible offers will draw in potential customers and help grow your business. Use them as a whole or break them up into different freebies to draw in new customers.

Professionally designed coaching templates for success
 shop templates that elevate your online business

Fitness Workbook

Help your clients reach their health & fitness goals with this 15 page workbook. Perfect for fitness coaches & wellness coaches. 

Gratitude Worksheets

Once you have the client or group program enrolled you can send them these gratitude worksheets. 10 worksheets to send weekly or all at once to help them focus on gratitude. 

Transform your coaching with these customizable templates

How Are Our Templates Better Than Others?

The templates were created by Angela Ernst, who is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Coach and utilizes them within her own practice.

Our templates surpass the rest by including actual workbooks packed with valuable content, saving you time and effort as the work has already been done for you.

Our templates are unparalleled as they come with worksheets designed to assist your clients in achieving the outcomes they desire, ensuring their success.

What sets our templates apart is that unlike other providers who offer a single, overwhelming file, we supply you with methodically organized files, allowing you to work seamlessly and efficiently on Canva.

Now Available for Purchase (1).png

Social Media Posts

Most of marketing now happens on social media. Utilize these social media templates to effectively showcase your business on social media like a professional.

Boost productivity with our coaching template collection
Coaching Feedback Forms

Printable Posters

Promote your business at local events with these printable posters. Simply add your information then print and you're done.

It's that easy.

coaching templates for supervisors
Coaches secret weapon: Gorgeous shop templates


Promote your business using this professional coaching program brochure that you can order online to print or print in your office. Perfect for trade shows and live events.

branding made easy with these stunning templates
branding made easy with these stunning  coaching templates

Progress Notes

Keep track and plan your clients progress with these progress notes worksheets. Print them out or use digitally in OneNote or Good Notes

You Dream of Growing Your Coaching Practice and
Now You Can!

Coaching templates to streamline your practice

Help your clients stay on track with these Time Management Worksheets. Use them as a lead magnet, with your program or with individual clients. 

Time Management  Worksheets

Anxiety Worksheets

Help your client work through their anxious thoughts and feelings with these powerful worksheets. Perfect for individual clients or a group program. 

Unlock your coaching potential with these coaching templates

Stress Management

Teach your clients the importance of reducing stress for mental and physical health. This workbook can be printed or used digitally.

Coaches love our templates

Values Worksheets

Help your clients figure out what is important to them and discover their core values with these valuable worksheets.

Elevate your wellness practice with our premium templates

Confidence Workbook

Better than Etsy Coaching Templates

Help your clients grow their confidence with our confidence workbook. Teach your clients that working at home on themselves is just as important as your sessions together. 

Relationship Worksheets

Help your clients build healthy relationships with our relationship worksheets. These are perfect for individual clients or group sessions.

Hypnosis & Coaching Templates
Add a little bit of body text (1).png

This is What You've Been Searching for!

No more struggling to design coaching packets, questionnaires, worksheets, contracts and forms for your clients.

Our pre-designed templates have got you covered. Most of the content is already done for you, saving you time and effort.

No more worries about technical difficulties or unprofessional-looking resources.

Our templates are easy to use and printable, even if you're not tech-savvy.

Say goodbye to unbranded and unappealing resources and elevate your business with our affordable and stylish templates.

BONUS!!  Build Your Brand Workbook!

Do you feel confused about where to start when it comes to building your brand?  As a bonus I am including a free workbook to help you discover who your ideal client is and how to build your brand. 

Free Build Your Brand Workbook

Ready to take your coaching to the next level?

Coaching Digital Templates

Get our coaching templates package today
and streamline your coaching process.

Start achieving your goals and helping your clients succeed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions

Can I change the colors & font?

We understand the importance of having a standout brand online. That's why we offer you the flexibility to easily customize all colors, fonts, and brand images to align with your unique business identity. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that your products perfectly match your branding, allowing you to showcase a cohesive and professional image to your target audience.

When will I receive my templates? 

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive an organized list. It will be delivered to your email address. With the templates in hand, all you need is a free Canva account to begin customizing your designs and bringing your creative vision to life.

Can I sell the products I create?

Yes! Once you have customized the templates to your liking, you are free to sell your products with confidence knowing that they represent your unique brand identity. While we encourage you to make changes to the templates to align with your brand, it's important to note that selling or sharing the templates as templates themselves is not permitted. 

Can I sell the products I create?

Yes! Once you have customized the templates to your liking, you are free to sell your products with confidence knowing that they represent your unique brand identity. While we encourage you to make changes to the templates to align with your brand, it's important to note that selling or sharing the templates as templates themselves is not permitted. 

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