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Can A Pet Help You Manage Your Anxiety & Depression?

Our furry friends come with some powerful mental health benefits. Did you know that caring for a pet can help you manage your depression, anxiety and stress?

If you are already a pet owner then you know the happiness that comes from having someone that can't wait to hug, lick and jump on you to say hi the minute you walk through the door. Our pet's give us the unconditional love that we crave as humane's. No matter who we are or what we have done in life, our pet's love us and do not judge us. They sit with us when we are sad and they comfort us in our time of need.

Dog's especially learn to pick up on humans behaviors and emotions.

My dog Nikita shown here in this photo was incredible. When my daughter was 3 months old she stopped breathing in her crib. Our dog Nikita who in the past never barked, began to bark and tug at my shirt. She pulled and pulled until I got up. And when I went to my daughters room, she was purple.

Because of Nikita, I was able to save my daughter and rush her to the hospital.

This was just one amazing example of how Nikita changed our lives.

Our pets especially dogs and cats, can help us reduce anxiety and depression and ease the pain of loneliness. They encourage us to be playful and to exercise. They give us love and attention and understand us in a unspoken way.

More studies are being conducted everyday in the research and health benefits of owning a pet. So far we have learned that playing with your pet can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which helps you become more calm and relaxed. Some studies have even shown that there is a significant decline in high blood pressure. But, most importantly our pets fulfill the need for touch. We all crave to be loved and touched. And when we are stoking and hugging our furry friends we are given the attention and touch we deeply desire.

If your not able to have a pet due to your living situation you still can get the love and attention from a pet by volunteering at a local shelter. And remember a pet can be a fish, dog, cat, hamster or whatever brings you joy and gives you the love attention that you need.

Share with us a photo of your pet that brings you joy.

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That's wby I started, the goats helped me w my anxiety, depression and I wanted to help heal others .

Angela Ernst
Angela Ernst
Jun 09, 2023
Replying to

That is amazing! Animals are so loving and can help us in many ways. Thank you for sharing and for creating something that will help so many people.

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